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Interviewing with the STAR Method

The STAR method is a behavioral style of interviewing that gives employers insight into your skill set to predict your job performance.

The STAR method consist of questions in 3 parts:

Situation or Task: Describe a situation you were in or a task you were given.  These have to be specific instances and not an overview of your duties at a previous position. 

Action: Describe the actions you took in the situation or to accomplish the task. Be sure to stay focused on your specific role and the actions you took. (This is especially important when ask about working in a group or on a team).

Result:  What was the end result of the situation or task? What did you learn? Skills gained? Achievements that benefited the company?

The kind of questions that necessitate a STAR answer vary.  You will be able to detect them by an open ended question.  They will involve situations you have been in, general questions about times you were struggling in a position or worked with a group to complete a task. They are questions such as:

Describe an instance where you were not able to reach a goal.

When was a time you were not able to work with all members of a group? What was accomplished?

Describe a time when you were in conflict with a boss or manager.  Was it resolved? How did you approach it?

Describe a time you learned a new skill on the job.

The STAR method will allow you to answer a multi-layered question in an orderly manner that flows and tells a story to the interviewer.  And practice, practice, practice!

Job of Day! CEO of Mass Mentoring Partnership

The Mass Mentoring Partnership is hiring a CEO! 

Mass Mentoring Partnership is an organization that aids mentoring programs for youths. They are looking for a CEO to help fundraising efforts, lobbying and marketing.

Apply here

Internship Tips and Opportunities

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door in a new industry or a company.  And you do not have to work 40 hours a week to reap the benefits.  Many of opportunities allow for 5-10 hours a week commitment. Internships are also not just for college students. Professionals looking to make a career change can intern in order gain entry level experience and be a competitive applicant.

Read this article from on searching for internships. is my hands down favorite search engine for opportunities.  They pull from numerous job boards for one stop shopping.  Here is a list of interships in Boston from

Job of the Day! HR Coordinator, Emerson College

Emerson College is seeking an HR Services Coordinator working under the Associate Director for Human Resources. 

Check out their posting here

Big Law Hiring Still Down

Big Law continues to see smaller classes, by almost half at some firms.  In 2008, firms sharply cut classes and they have remained and in turn, firms are extremely selective…more than ever. 

Read this article from the ABA Journal here

Cutting Costs and Increasing Efficiency in E-Discovery

The document review phase of litigation is undoubtedly the most expensive portion of the case.  

Here is an article by Dalton Young from strategies to make the most of your reviews and be efficient with your time and client’s money.  #1 tip: Respect your reviewers!  They will return the courtesy with efficient work and feel invested in the case.

Read the article here

Job of the Day: Marketing Coordinator, WGBH

WBGH, Boston, is hiring a Marketing Coordinator with 2-4 years experience!

Check out the posting here.

The Key to Job Hunting Sucess in a Small City

The number one way to search for a job in Boston is networking. This is small city and you can make contacts fast. Join as many associations in your area of expertise and start by volunteering for seminars and meetings. You will quickly make connections with people who are involved in your industry.  Also, make sure your Linkedin is up to date! Employers are always keyword searching profiles and making job offers directly to candidates.

Also, check out the Greater Boston Business Network, where members from diverse backgrounds meet and share insight to leads, etc.

This is a Q & A with Boston employment consultant, Patti Hunt Sinacole, discussing standing out in the application process and networking tips. Enjoy!

Job of the Day!

Choate Hall & Stewart in Internationl Place is hiring Junior Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents!

Check them out here!